Our invoice generator software features

Many invoicing software tools come with complicated features and don’t really make the management of your day-to-day admin much easier – but our interface is intuitive and genuinely enjoyable to use. Here are the main features it offers.

Create new invoices quickly and easily, generate PDF versions and use the drop-down menu to quickly void individual items or mark them as paid. Your business details are already set up on the template, and you can itemise products or services too. You can even create recurring invoices for regular customers.

Track purchases and payments

Easily create a record of all your purchases, and mark them as paid or void using the drop-down selection tool. Your purchase invoices will then be stored in your ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ folder, so you can keep track of your expenditure and see what’s still outstanding, ready for your next payment run.

Collate your contacts

Your invoice software also has a comprehensive ‘contacts’ section, where you can upload, store and edit details of your customers and suppliers, including the name and email addresses of the person you most frequently deal with – it even has a search function for fast location of the details you need.

Record and report

Your purchase and sales invoices are stored in their own navigation section, and you can easily view simple reports to show your current month’s raised invoices. The software also generates a handy graph of your yearly invoices and can generate a year-end CSV file that you can export to your computer.  

Our free invoice software is perfect for new and small businesses who want to manage their supplier and sales documents without any hassle or extensive management overheads – why not download the invoice generator software here and give it a go?!

Our developer can also create bespoke invoicing and accounting software if required – if you’d like to have a chat about what we can do to help your business, please give us a ring on 01904 636677.

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