Another CMS? What's so different about dotAdmin?

We like to think of dotAdmin as a content management framework, rather than a traditional CMS. Most content management systems are quite prescriptive, requiring the user to manage their website using a specific workflow and specific set of fields. dotAdmin provides a flexible, documented API allowing the document editors, templates and site structure to be tailored to each specific use case. Each dotAdmin instance can be custom built to specific requirements of the individual website and the requirements of its administration staff.


The dotAdmin sitebuilder service

For people on a tight budget, we offer the dotAdmin self-build sitebuilder service. With this fully hosted deployment of our dotAdmin CMS, we offer website owners the ability to order a dotAdmin website via the website, select one of our range of off the shelf templates, customise their colour scheme and layout, then start building their web site themselves, using dotAdmin's powerful site management tools.

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A modern, feature-rich content management platform

dotAdmin CMS offers a wealth of features straight out of the box, and it has a powerful API for creating rich and complex web applications.

Flexible “document types”

Developers can create specialised edit interfaces and page templates for different types of content and use cases. Each document editor presents in a tabbed interface, with a collection of fields, such as text fields, HTML WYSIWYG fields, images, links, selects, checkboxes and others, ensuring that day to day management of the website is a easy as possible for site administrators.

Fully customisable templates

dotAdmin takes an MVC (model-view-controller) approach to template development, with website templates being "views" using full PHP syntax to access the controller properties and the dotAdmin template API. A range of objects, classes and helpers are available to the template developer, and detailed documentation for the dotAdmin API makes template development a breeze!

User access control

dotAdmin's user system allows the creation of CMS users with different roles and with specific restricted, granular access privileges within the CMS. The user system also allows for the creation and management of registered public website users with access privileges to restricted areas the website.

ecommerce websites

dotAdmin includes an ecommerce platform, with product and order management, tax / shipping calculation and integration with a range of payment service providers such as PayPal or Sagepay.

Module framework

dotAdmin can be extended with a range of pre existing modules, and dotAdmin provides a module development API which allows developers to extend the functionality of the public website, the CMS, and more besides.

Enquiry management

Our CMS creates automatic notifications and contact cards, allowing you to store contact details from all online enquiries which can be viewed in your control panel. We also provide robust spam filtering so your enquiries are from people, not robots!

“ Invent Partners supported my cycling event with a stylish website, intuitive CMS and flexible and responsive ecommerce system. Thanks to their hard work and patience, my event sold out in hours, with riders praising the easy to use event entry system and customer service. Many thanks! ”
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