1. Clone the git repository at  https://github.com/InventPartners/inventinvoice to the desired location on your web server.
    • git clone https://github.com/InventPartners/inventinvoice.git
  2. Create a database for InventInvoice on your web server as well as a user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.
  3. Run the install script by visiting http://[yourdomain]/inventinvoice/install.php in your web browser.
    • Note: Your URL may be be different, depending on your web host and where you cloned the git repo to.
    • The install script will ask for your database host, database name, username and password.
    • It will also ask for an Admin username and password, so it can set up an admin account for you.
  4. All being well, the script will install the database tables etc as well as create the config.inc.php file in the /config directory. 
    • Depending on your file permissions, this step may fail, in which case you should create this file yourself by copying and pasting the code the install script generates for you.
“ From the outset, invent Partners got the balance right and were prepared to listen to our needs, whilst at the same time offering their depth of knowledge and experience. The end product we received is exceptional and has since proven its worth, fundamentally from a ‘back end’ input and management information viewpoint and importantly from a ‘front end’ consumer ease of use stance. Needless to say, we are growing our business as a result, with 80% of web business as ‘net new’. ”
Ged, Vertigrow Ltd

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