This menu system provides a concertina effect for nested menu items and "maintains state" between pages using cookies to remember which menu items are open and which ones are closed. This mean that the user can happily continue browsing around the site and the menus will always stay in the state that the user previously selected.

The menu uses CSS transitions for animation.


A demo is available here.

Additional Requirements

This plugin requires the following third party javascript includes:


Include the JavaScript and CSS files.

Markup your menus (plugin supports multiple menus) using unordered lists and give them a class of auroramenu. This will create totally unstyled menus. To give your menus some style, give them an additional class ofauroramenu-default. Feel free to play with the CSS to change the colours etc.

View the source of the demo page for further guidance on the markup etc.

NPM Install

npm install auroramenu
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