Tuesday 21st November 2017

We Have Moved

Invent Partners have relocated just across the road from our previous address to the Tower Business Center. The new location offers us more space and better comms.

Our new address is:

Unit 12a
Tower Business Centre
YO10 4UA

Tower Business Centre, York

The impressive Tower House building was purpose built in the late 1878 as the Army's Northern Command Headquarters with the Northern Command Headquarters moving from Manchester to Tower House in 1905. The General Officer Commanding-in-Chief was usually a Lieutenant General, whose residence was Bootham House. Sir Leslie Rundle was appointed acting General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOCinC) of Northern Command on 10 October 1903

During the First World War, Northern Command formed what became the 11th (Northern) Division. It was followed by the 17th (Northern) Division of K2 in September 1914.

In 1939 Regular Troops reporting to Northern Command included 5th Infantry Division, based at Catterick. Other Regular Troops reporting to Northern Command at that time included the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars, 7th Royal Tank Regiment, 7th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 9th/17th, 16th/43rd Field Batteries, Royal Artillery, 20th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, and Territorial Army troops included 25th Army Tank Brigade.

Northern Command HQ relocated to the Imphal Barracks on Fulford Road, York in 1958

The building was restored in the 1990s to serve as a business centre. The Clock tower still houses the original 1870s winding.


“ From the outset, invent Partners got the balance right and were prepared to listen to our needs, whilst at the same time offering their depth of knowledge and experience. The end product we received is exceptional and has since proven its worth, fundamentally from a ‘back end’ input and management information viewpoint and importantly from a ‘front end’ consumer ease of use stance. Needless to say, we are growing our business as a result, with 80% of web business as ‘net new’. ”
Ged, Vertigrow Ltd

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