Tuesday 24th May 2011

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Making a Time Lapse Video of an Art Installation

Cornelia Parker's work "Thirty Peices of Silver" is currently on loan to York Museums Trust from the Tate. It will be on display at York St Mary's over the coming months.

The installation of this work is very labour intensive and complex. The work consists of 3,000 silver objects suspended by copper wire from a frame mounted 8 metres above the ground in the vaulted ceiling of the church. 32 kilometres of copper wire and many hours of careful painstaking labour went into the installation.

Invent Partners recorded time lapse video of the entire installation, from the mounting of the frame in the high ceiling of St Mary's church, to the attachment of the final piece of silver and the removal of the scaffolding.

We also wrote and produced original music for the video.

The video above is the product of many weeks work for many people.

With thanks to York Museums Trust, Tate and Cornelia Parker/Frith St Gallery.

More information on Thirty Pieces of Silver at York St Mary's here.

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