Thursday 6th August 2009

Internet Explorer 8 CSS Bugs - "display: table"

Over here at Invent towers, we've been running into quite a few IE8 rendering inconsistencies over the last few days, mostly relating to CSS margin collapse rules.

We've also encountered a few cases where IE has got it right, but Gecko has got it wrong. We'd like to share one with you now.

CSS display: table

"Specifies that an element defines a block-level table: it is a rectangular block that participates in a block formatting context."

So let's have a look at the markup below:

<div style="background: #FF0000; margin: 0; height: 200px; width: 200px; display: block;">
    <table style="background: #00FFFF; margin: 30px; height: 100px;">

In Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, we'll see the following:

In Internet Explorer 8, we'll see:

(Apple Safari will also render the markup as above)

Note the top margin of the <table> has been collapsed into the the <div>, and the <div> now displays the margin.

IE8 CSS Bug or Feature?

Interestingly, if we add "display: block" to our <table> style attribute, the margin is collapsed in Firefox and IE7, just as in IE8 and Safari, but adding "display: table" has no effect at all on any browser's rendering interpretation. This suggests that Firefox and IE7 are treating "display: table" differently that "display: block".

We would have to conclude that Firefox is in the wrong here. The margin should collapse. However, opinions may vary. If you think differently, let us know.

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