Monday 26th March 2018

How do I make my website GDPR compliant?

With lots of talk about GDPR in the business press at the moment, you may be wondering if your website or other web based services are GDPR compliant.

Here at Invent Partners, our software is designed to help you make your website GDPR compliant. Here are some of the ways we can help

GDPR Secure User Data

In order to comply with the requirements of GDPR, you need to have made reasonable efforts to secure your user data. This means making sure that user data is transmitted and stored securely.

SSL: Secure transmission of user data

By using an SSL certificate, you can make sure that your website runs as HTTPS, meaning that your users' data is encrypted before transmission, securing it against interception during transmission. Invent Partners can provide and install SSL certificates and configure HTTPS for your business.

Secure storage of user data

You should make efforts to ensure that your user data is securely stored. For example, many shared hosting services require you to upload and download your data using FTP. This is inherently insecure, and can potentially expose your user data to theft by network interception or by theft of login credentials. To better secure your data, you may wish to consider one or more of the below options:

Invent Partners can help you create the correct secure environment for your user data.

Keep an Audit Trail

GDPR requires that you can demonstrate where your user data came from, and what contact / sharing rights and obligations you have on that user data.

Here at Invent Partners, we created a GDPR Compliant CMS with features designed to ensure that a detailed log of user activity is recorded. Our website management platform (CMS) records the following events, with a date time:

GDPR Right of Deletion

Under GDPR, individuals have the right to have all the data you hold on them deleted. In order to facilitate this, our website management platform (CMS) offers a GDPR compliant user delete function which will remove all personal data provided by the user.

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“ From the outset, invent Partners got the balance right and were prepared to listen to our needs, whilst at the same time offering their depth of knowledge and experience. The end product we received is exceptional and has since proven its worth, fundamentally from a ‘back end’ input and management information viewpoint and importantly from a ‘front end’ consumer ease of use stance. Needless to say, we are growing our business as a result, with 80% of web business as ‘net new’. ”
Ged, Vertigrow Ltd

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