Friday 2nd January 2015

EU VAT Regulations on Digital Products VATMOSS compliance (#VATMOSS / #VATMESS)

On January 1st 2015, the new EU VAT regulations on the sales of digital products such as eBook downloads, digital music downloads and SaaS (software as a a service) products came into force.

In short, the new regulations reguire that VAT must be charged at the location of the purchaser and at the rates dictated by the purchaser's state. This means that B2C sales of ebooks, digital music or other digital services such as hosting or SaaS must have VAT calculated at the rate of the relevant mebers state. B2B cross border sales continue to enjoy VAT exclusion, bu the burden is upon the vendor to ensure that the correct VAT charging is applied, and evidential records muct be retained by the vendor.

Invent Partners can provide EU VAT solutions which ensure that you are charging the correct amount of VAT. For example, our dotAdmin ecommerce platform already has EU VAT handling capabilities.

Get in touch to speak to us about your #VATMOSS #VATMESS compliance.


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