Monday 20th March 2017

Technology grants for digital growth

In this day and age, technology is essential for businesses to grow. The voucher scheme is aimed at providing access to investments and assets that will help your business to:

It’s important to note that the funding is only available for new digital and technology acquisitions, and not for upgrades, replacement technologies or to cover ongoing costs for the leasing equipment or software. 

What are the vouchers worth and what do they cover?

As a business, you’ll be responsible for funding 60% of the project costs yourself, with the vouchers making up the remaining 40%. The voucher values range from £1,000 to £5,000. 

Vouchers will only be awarded to successful applicants in the Yorkshire area, who can demonstrate that the proposed project will directly impact on their economic growth. Here are a few examples of investments that may be deemed suitable for voucher applications: 

Applications and eligibility 

There are several steps in the process for being granted a Digital Growth Voucher, and you’ll need to be able to show how your project will lead to tangible growth of your business. You can learn more about the application process and assess whether you’re eligible to apply via the dedicated Digital Enterprise webpage

If you have an idea for expanding your business via the acquisition of software or hardware, and you need some advice, we’d be happy to discuss your ideas and help you cost the project for your application. Our experts can offer you some guidance and inspiration on the types of software or digital developments that could make a real difference to your bottom line, or help you to define a new website strategy that will help you to increase your market share.

Business grants can be a great way of pushing your business forward, so it’s well worth checking out the website to see if you could secure funding support!

“ From the outset, invent Partners got the balance right and were prepared to listen to our needs, whilst at the same time offering their depth of knowledge and experience. The end product we received is exceptional and has since proven its worth, fundamentally from a ‘back end’ input and management information viewpoint and importantly from a ‘front end’ consumer ease of use stance. Needless to say, we are growing our business as a result, with 80% of web business as ‘net new’. ”
Ged, Vertigrow Ltd

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