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Occasional editorial and news from the Invent Partners team is posted to our website here.

Recent Web Design Articles

  • We Have Moved!


    We can now be found within sight of the City Walls and just around the corner from Skeldergate Bridge.

  • EU VAT on digital services - #VATMOSS / #VATMESS


    On January 1st 2015, the new EU VAT regulations on the sales of digital products such as eBook downloads, digital music downloads and SaaS (software as a a service) products came into force.

  • dotAdmin Self Build Website Service Launches


    After months of preparation and testing, this week we launched our new dotAdmin 3.0 website self build service.

  • Firefox 5 & Internet Explorer 9 - Redirect Bug / Pragma no-cache Bug


    This is an interesting little "bug" which I've found in the first release of Firefox 5.: If the server sends a "Location:" header without a "Pragma: no-cache" header, then Firefox 5 will interpret this redirect as permanent and cacheable.

  • Thirty Pieces of Silver


    For the past few weeks, we have been working on a time lapse recording of the installation of Cornelia Parker's "Thirty Pieces of Silver" at York St Marys. The work is on loan from the Tate to York Museums Trust.

    The video was shot over the course of a three week long install, then edited together with sound recordings and original music written and recorded for the video.

  • Twitter Joke Trial - Some Basic Facts


    The Paul Chambers "Twitter Joke Trial" story as it has become known, is a complex and difficult one for people to get their heads around. There are several important nuances to this case which are at the very core of the judgement and the subsequent appeals.

  • An Open Letter to Judge Jacqueline Davies


    We don't normally do politics on our site. But here is Invent Partners director Matt Bradley's response to the recent judgment in the infamous "Twitter Joke Trial" appeal.

  • Leeds Festival 2010 Performance Times Mobile Website


    If you're going to the Leeds Festival 2010, you can see what's on next throughout the festival by pointing your phone's browser at our Leeds Festival 2010 performance times mobile website.

  • UK Government Stays with IE6 - Our response


    A petition on the HMG.gov.uk website recently asked the government to upgrade away for IE6, and make sure that all its browser software was patched to the latest version of IE8. The government has responded to say they won't be upgrading from IE6, and have issued a fairly lamentable statement explaining why they won't. Here's our response to that response.

  • Free PHP Class: Friendly Relative Time


    One of the really lovely features that social sites like Twitter and Facebook give to users is a nice friendly way of displaying relative dates and times. Here's a free PHP class to help you do that in your application.

  • Haiti charity website goes live ahead of schedule


    In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, we have decided to launch the Hands Of Hope website early, despite some elements still being incomplete.

  • God Bless Our Laptops


    "May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible," prays Canon Parrott at St Lawrence Jewry in the City of London .

    Amen to that.

  • Cima Racing Meet Invent Web Design in Wakefield


    We've just had a personal visit from Cima Racing in the Invent Partners liveried car. It was lovely, and they took away some of our mountain of chocolate, too!

  • Cima Racing Car On The Move!


    An elderly white Audi is currently travelling the land with the Invent Partner's company logo emblazoned on its bonnet. And it's all for charity.

    This geriatric gas guzzler has to make an epic journey over the next few days, and its anybody guess whether it's aging constitution can survive the journey. We've got our fingers crossed!

  • Will Web Design for Chocolate


    We've just taken delivery of a MOUNTAIN of chocolate. How lovely. If we eat all this we're going to be very ill.

  • Intelligent design - What's wrong with (some) open source web platforms


    With so many impassioned voices speaking for and against open source software platforms, any article which opens with the above title is bound to be a little controversial in some circles.

    However, let me try to explain why I think sometimes, you get what you pay for.

  • Website Hosting Backups - a Cautionary Tale


    When choosing a web host, make sure that you include scheduled backups in your criteria. A disk failure on your web hosting server can be catastrophic.

  • New Cima Racing Motor Sports Blog Goes Live


    Invent Partners are supporting a motor racing team!

    We're very proud to be supporting Cima Racing's fundraising efforts for BEN in the Bangers4BEN rally event.

  • Free PHP Form Processor


    Don't say we're never good to you! Today's free treat is a nice simple to use form processor with server AND client side required field validation. Sweet.

  • Displaying Chinese Characters in HTML with UTF-8


    Getting extended character sets to display correctly in HTML is a bit of a minefield. There are lots of things which can trip you up on this journey, but getting it right doesn't take long

  • HTML 5: Accessibility / UI Design Breakthrough


    W3C have finally managed to sort out the existing HTML 4.01 shortcomings of the <a> element in the new HTML 5 specification. A fix which was long overdue.

  • Farewell Les Paul


    Lester William Polsfuss (Les Paul) - inventor of the solid body electric guitar, pioneer of multitrack recording, and arguably one of the most important and influential figures in modern culture died yesterday at the age of 94

    Les Paul was a talented musician and a fiercely creative engineer / inventor. We'd like to say thank you for everything Les. Thank you.

  • IE8 Margin Top Bug


    Internet Explorer is business as usual from a Microsoft browser: odd inexplicable rendering bugs that only appear on a wet Tuesday, and can only be fixed by spinning around three times chanting 'W3C' whilst clutch a hank of horse hair (probably).

    This particular rendering bug makes top margins on <div> disappear.

  • IE8 CSS Bug? display: table


    Internet Explorer rendering CSS better than Firefox? A rare occurrence for sure, but it does happen.

  • Wakefield Investment Grant Scheme


    Wakefield, West Yorkshire businesses could innovate with their website and online services, with the help of The Wakefield Investment Grant: offering grants of up to £5,000.

  • Google's Chief Designer Quits


    Google’s visual design leader has left Google on Friday expressing frustration with Google's reliance on performance data to inform design decisions.

  • Browser wars 2.0: Internet Explorer continues to lose market share


    As Internet Explorer usage continues to tumble, we ask: have you tested your website in other web browsers?

  • Advertising on Google Adwords - How to get started


    Your website can be a great way to generate new business, but before you can start converting your visitors into sales, you need to get those visitors into your website.

  • Are you ready for Internet Explorer 8?


    Microsoft's newest version of its web browser software, Internet Explorer 8 is expected to be released in early / mid 2009, but it might break your website. Is your website ready for Internet Explorer 8?

  • Get your website working in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


    Wondering why your website doesn't look quite right, or work properly in Google Chrome or Firefox? We can help you find out why.